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Sergey Prokofiev / Sergey Prokofiev (1891 - 1953)

Among many memoirs on one of great, it is unique original musicians of pashas of an epoch - Sergey Sergeeviche Prokofiev - especially interestingly one, told by him in the beginning of the short autobiography: "-ё=ѕяш=хыіэ№щ examination has passed effectively enough. Before me the man with a beard, the romance which has brought as all luggage without accompaniment was examined. I have entered, being bent under weight of two folders in which four operas, two sonatas, the symphony and very many piano plays lay. "¦=ю to me эЁртш=ё !" - has told Roman-korsakov which conducted Іъчрьхэ".

Sergey Prokofiev / Sergey Prokofiev to Prokofiev was then 13 years! And if at this age it is possible "ёушср=іё  under = цхё=і¦" such creative luggage the biography of the composer is worthy, apparently, since the earliest years of his life. In annals of Russian composers we do not meet cases "тѕэфхЁъшэфё=тр". Since Glinka, however, and with doglinkinskih times, bent for to writing was shown in more mature, youthful, instead of at children's age and at the beginning was limited piano peskami and romances. Prokofiev has put opera claviers, the symphony score on an examination table; it kept independently, confidently; music judged resolutely that is called, "ё full knowledge яЁхфьх=р" self-respect in it was though take away.

The Biography of this original person has begun in a provincial solitude, in Sontsovke - near to Ekaterinoslava where its father was an operating manor. Here, under the direction of mother, the good pianist, employment by music, when to the future author "-¦стш to three ряхыіёшэрь" have begun; it was not executed as early as five years. To think out, compose music Prokofiev has begun, approximately, then also it never any more did not leave this employment. It was organic requirement of each day of his life. Definition "ъюьяючш=юЁ" a hook it was natural to Prokofiev, as "ёхыютхъ".

Two operas - "-хышърэ" and "-р deserted юё=Ёютр§" composed and even written down by Prokofiev at the age of 9-10 years, certainly, cannot be taken into consideration by consideration of its creative way, they are children's naive. But the certificate of talent, persistence, an aspiration indicator to any ьрё°=рсэюё=ш" they can serve.

The Eleven-year composer has been presented S.I.Taneevu. The big musician and the strict teacher recognised doubtless talent at the boy and recommended to practise music seriously. The following chapter of the biography of Prokofiev already at all is unusual: within summer months 1902 and 1903 pupil Taneeva R.M.Glier was engaged in a composition with Serezhej Prokofiev. Result of the first summer - the four-private symphony, the second summer - an opera "¤шЁ during time ёѕь№". It was, as Prokofiev many years later, "эрё=ю Ёр  an opera, with voice parts, the orchestral score and the overture in sonatnoj ¶юЁьх".


At the age of 13 years Prokofiev, as it is known, has taken a way of professional works music already within the precincts of the Petersburg conservatory.

Studying at A.K.Ljadova, N.A.Rimskogo-Korsakova on a composition and at A.A.Vinklera and A.Esipovoj on a piano, S.Prokofiev was not limited to performance of class tasks. He wrote much, no means always co-ordinating as well as what to write, with the academic rules. Already then creative willfulness so typical for Prokofiev, a source of many conflicts with "яЁшчэрээ№ьш рт=юЁш=х=рьш" affected; a source especially individual, prokofevskoj letter manners.

In December, 1908 seventeen-year Prokofiev has acted for the first time in a public concert. Among other piano plays he has played "-ртрцфхэшх" in which harmony, elastic rhythmics, deliberately dryish, impudent motornost is heard typically prokofevskaja ostrodissonirujushchaja. The criticism reacted instantly: "¦юыюфющ the author who yet has not finished the art education, belonging to an extreme direction modernistov, comes in the boldness much further modern ¶Ёрэчѕчют". The label is pasted: "ъЁрщэшщ ьюфхЁэшё=". We will remind that by the end of the first decade of a century the modernism has magnificently blossomed and gave all new and new runaways. Therefore on Prokofiev's share it was necessary very much "юяЁхфхыхэшщ" sounding quite often as abusive nicknames. With conservatoire "эрёрыіё=тюь" and Prokofiev has not found teachers common language. Most close it has converged only with N.N.Cherepninym teaching conducting. The same years Prokofiev's friendship with N was fastened. I. The Mjaskovsky, solid musician, ten years is more senior it.

Young Prokofiev becomes the frequent visitor "-хёхЁют modern ьѕч№ъш" where were executed all sort of a novelty. Prokofiev was the executor of piano plays of Arnold Shyonberga first in Russia then yet not created dodekafonicheskoj systems, but writing it is enough of the "юё=Ёю".

Judging by the dedication written by Prokofiev on the score of a symphonic picture "Рэ№": "+т=юЁѕ, begun "¦хё=рьш" (i.e. To Skryabin), - Prokofiev has not avoided hobby by which the overwhelming majority of young musicians has been captured. But on Prokofiev this hobby only has slipped, without having left an appreciable trace. In character Prokofiev - accurate, resolute, efficient, sports type the person, less all resembled the composer to whom it is close skrjabinskaja refinement, pensiveness or - in other plan - ekstatichnost.

Already in "¦рЁ°х" for a piano, entering into a cycle "-хё =і яіхё" (1914), the elastic, strong-willed, bright manner which is close to a manner of the letter of Mayakovsky of those years is heard typical for Prokofiev of the further decades.

Two piano concerts which have followed one after another (1912, 1913) - the certificate of a creative maturity of the composer. They different: the desire has an effect on the First in that that became Іяр=шЁютр=і" to dumbfound public; the Second concert much more poetical. Prokofiev itself wrote about the concerts: "ЛяЁхъш in a pursuit of external shine and in some "¶ѕ=сюыіэюё=ш" the First concert have moved to searches bolshej depths of the maintenance in -=юЁюь".

Public and the overwhelming majority of critics have met Prokofiev's occurrence on the Petersburg concert platform amicable shikanem. In the feuilleton "¤х=хЁсѕЁуёъющ урчх=№" wrote that "¤Ёюъю¶іхт sits down a grand piano and starts not that to wipe keys, not that to try, what of them sound above or яюэшцх".

By 1914 Prokofiev "Ёрчфхырыё " with conservatory on both specialities - composer and pianistic.

In the award parents have offered it a trip abroad. He has chosen London. Sergey Dyagilev's operno-ballet troupe which repertoire very much interested Prokofiev there went on tour. In London it has been grasped "-р¶эшёюь and +ыюхщ" Ravel and Stravinsky's two ballets: "грЁ-я=шчхщ" and "¤х=Ёѕ°ъющ".

In conversations with Dyagilev there are the first, not clear still ballet outlines on Russian prehistoric theme. The initiative belonged to Dyagilev, and pushed it on these thoughts, undoubtedly, "-хёэр ёт Ёхээр ".

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