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Sergey Prokofiev / Sergey Prokofiev (a part V)

Sergey Prokofiev was the magnificent pianist glorified by the executor of the music. But also other pianists, such as Sofronitsky, Nejgauz, Gilels, Yudin, Richter, and behind them and younger have entered into the repertoire prokofevskie sonatas, finding out in this richest world of images, ideas, states of mind all new and new depths.

In Prokofiev's sonatas it is easier to establish laws of the maintenance and to arrange them in a consecutive number, than in its symphonies, in a considerable part connected with theatrical music or with the thematic material intending for other genres and forms. The second symphony carried, to a certain extent, experimental character and has been written, on expression of the composer, for "яюъюЁхэш  ¤рЁшцр" or fastenings "яюъюЁхэш ". As a material for the Third symphony has served, as it was specified opera music "+уэхээ№щ рэухы" in the Fourth, the same as "Ршь¶юэш  яёрыьют" Stravinsky, ordered to the 50 anniversary of the Boston orchestra, all tematizm is directly connected with ballet "…ыѕфэ№щ ё№э". And only last three symphonies - the Fifth, the Sixth and the Seventh - are written, like Classical, as products with in advance thought over concept. About the Fifth symphony (1944) author wrote: "Ї has conceived it as the symphony of greatness human фѕ§р". In it really there is a stateliness and will, width and brightness "сюЁюфшэёъюую" epic skazyvanija about the hero, the lines which are making related the symphony with the most monumental creations of Prokofiev, music to "+ыхъёрэфЁѕ -хтёъюьѕ" "Ђтрэѕ +Ёючэюьѕ" an opera "-ющэр and ьшЁ".

The Sixth symphony Written in the late forties, according to the author, should associate with the recent past, with echoes of military years. Its condensed, gloomy atmosphere forces to recollect the Second symphony, oversaturated ekspressionistskimi complexities. As perfect contrast, an antipode of these symphonies the Seventh acts radiant and young on spirit, composed in 1952, one of Sergey Sergeevicha's last products. All in it is simple, wise and is light. Lyrical agitation of I part, a charming waltz of school ball - II, meditation - III and solar, youthful, ringing, as a beach in Arteke, the ending. After Haydn it is not much written such in a wonderful way cheerful symphonies in all history of this genre.

Prokofiev loved children and willingly addressed to music for young listeners. In cheerful "…юы=ѕэіх" on verses of Agnii Barto (1939), about "¤х=х and тюыъх" - a fascinating history about the fearless pioneer (1936), in fascinating clear even the smallest, a suite "Гшьэшщ ъюё=хЁ" (1949), everywhere, where Prokofiev addresses to children, the love to new young growth - to the future of the Earth is heard, felt.

The Great musician, Prokofiev was also the great worker who has given to the composition of music fifty years from lived sixty two. Its huge talent after rough flowering in young years, has undergone to difficult tests for another's soil. After fifteen-year absence, having returned home, Prokofiev felt invincible requirement to comprehend that has occurred for these years in our country. Clever, it is attentive "тёш=№тр¦Ёшщё " in the life book, he has comprehended greatness of the revolutionary changes which have captured all aspects of activity of the Soviet society and the Soviet person. In 1937, to the twentieth anniversary of October, he has created the Cantata, taking for it texts from "-юььѕэшё=шёхёъюую ьрэш¶хё=р" "Кхчшёют about ИхщхЁср§х" from V.I.Lenin's book "О=ю фхыр=і?" from the Constitution of Soviet Union. There was an unusual product of huge art and publicistic force.

And in the end of 1950 the solemn and strict oratorio "-р to the guard ьшЁр" has sounded; on S.Marshak's verses. "Ї wished to express in this thing the thoughts on the world and war, confidence that war will not be that people of the Earth will uphold the peace, will rescue a civilisation, children, ours сѕфѕЁхх" - the author wrote.

It is possible to tell About Prokofiev: the great musician has found the place and among great converters of a life.

The Rights there was Ilja Erenburg when wrote: "¦=ю there was a big person, and descendants cannot understand difficult and nice time which we have still the right to name to ours, without listening attentively to Sergey Prokofiev's products and without thinking its extraordinary ёѕфісющ".

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