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Ravel Maurice / Moris Ravel (a part IV)

It there was no only a declaration. Ideas of internationalism of what it is easy to be convinced were really close to Ravel, having addressed to the list of its products. Above it was in detail enough told about the Spanish and Russian lines in Ravel's creativity. We will add only that in 1916 he writes some choruses on own texts, and among them - "-шъюых==р" in which lines amazingly close to Musorgsky are again found out. In this case it is a question of similarity to Musorgsky's vocal play "-ючхы". Besides, it writes cycles of the Greek songs, the Jewish songs, Madagascar songs; Afro music influence gets into its violin sonata and a piano concert, the tsygansko-Hungarian music has begun to sound in its violin rhapsody "Н№урэър" written by request of Hungarian skripachki D'Arani.

The Spirit of the French culture gets the majority of its scores. Here and ballet "¦ю  the mother уѕё№э " and a cycle "¦юушыр -ѕяхЁхэр" each of which six parts - the Prelude, the Fugue, Forlana, Rigodon, the Minuet and the Toccata - is devoted memory of one of its front companions, and all product as a whole can be named by a sound gravestone in honour of heroes of France.

Post-war years - years of triumph of Ravel. Near to Stravinsky and its Rihardom Strauss name one of the greatest composers of the present. A bolero, the Spanish rhapsody, "-р¶эшё and +ыю " an opera "-ш=  and ёѕфхёр" vocal and piano cycles, chamber ensembles (among them - a remarkable Trio) grasp more and more wide ranges of executors and listeners.

The Great master who was not supposing any errors that it named the high term "metier" - craft, Ravel has enriched world music with the products written in original, accurate, is dazzling to a bright manner. The new harmonious paints, is unprecedented rich orchestral palette as though cast from sonorous bronze, - and all it is penetrated by temperament and indestructible logic.

Ravel was the brilliant pianist, the most thin expert "=рщэ" piano sonority and the masterly technics what it is possible to judge on its two concerts composed in 1931: re-major and salt-major. The first of them is written for the left hand by request of pianist Paulja Vitgenstein who has lost the right hand in the war. About other concert devoted to Margarita Long, Ravel wrote: "¦=ю the Concert, in the true sense of the word, written in the spirit of Mozart's concerts and Рхэ-Ррэёр". From Ravel's chamber plays the piano suite "-юёэющ +рёярЁ".

uses the deserved popularity

Last years Ravel's lives were tragical. Received as a result of a road accident at the front the trauma has affected in many years. Last three years of a life of Ravel - a chain of continuous sufferings. Last musical sheets written by his hand carry heading: "КЁш Quixote songs to -ѕыічшэхх". They intended for Feodor Shalyapin...

Ravel does not belong to number of composers, whose creativity is perceived easily and thoughtlessly. But its music possesses the property inherent in classically perfect products: with each execution it is pleasant, admires, grasps more and more. Only ingeniously presented musician could compose a theme of the Bolero and create its unique symphonic design. Only ingeniously presented musician-playwright could with such brightness and force to embody in sound images a plot of the antique novel about Dafnise and Hloe; only the great pioneer of new open spaces of musical art could fling the door open gesture of the wizard in the new world and to show to people the Spanish rhapsody, "¦юушыѕ -ѕяхЁхэр" "-юёэюую +рёярЁр". Moris Ravel was such musician, such it remains in centuries.

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