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Igor Stravinsky / Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971)

those years when, having passed through a storm of 1905, having entered the "схёяюъющэѕ¦ ё=рЁюё=і" Roman-korsakov wrote "Гюыю=ющ ях=ѕ°юъ" an opera-lampoon deriding dullness of Russian tsarism when Glazunov has come nearer closely to the final stage of the creative way, and Skryabin finished an ecstasy Poem, in concert programs and in a press there was a new name - Igor Stravinsky. It has entered into the XX-th century eighteen-year the young man, belonging to a family and the environment directly connected with music. His father - Feodor Ignatevich Stravinsky - was one of "ё=юыяют" the Maryinsky Theater. The executor bolshej parts of bass repertoire, it possessed high technics of actor's transformation, and the wide musical erudition put it on a head above the majority of associates on a scene.

Igor Stravinsky / Igor Stravinsky In the big apartment on Krjukovom the channel, absolutely obok theatre, interesting people often gathered: Roman-korsakov, ballet master Petipa, it is frequent - Dostoevsky, companions of the owner on theatre, artists, representatives of other arts. Children on "тчЁюёыѕ¦" half were not supposed. Music, certainly, was in Stravinsky's family in honour. But, maybe, therefore to children's employment by music did not pay attention. Schoolgirl Rubinshtejna Kashperova trained Igor in game on a piano. Improvisation attempts were condemned, for on them time which has been taken away from etudes of Common people left.

Already behind there was a grammar school; Stravinsky became the student of faculty of law of university, and music was somewhere aside. That he composed remains "тхЁі¦ in ёхсх" without entering any contacts to an external world. At university Stravinsky has become very intimate with Vladimir Nikolaevichem Rimskim-Korsakovym - the son of the composer. Possibility to seem to the well-known musician was soon presented. That has shown consideration for compositions of the beginning composer, but, being the person of direct judgements, has stated them in the most categorical form. It was a question that was shown, instead of about talent which Roman-korsakov, apparently, has estimated highly enough. Absolutely having advised against to arrive in conservatory, Roman-korsakov has suggested to look through periodically all that Stravinsky will compose. So Stravinsky became the pupil of one of the greatest musicians. About that, employment were how conducted, we know very little. These meetings were not arranged with any mystery. Simply anybody the third on them was not supposed. It is natural that Stravinsky was under the influence of the teacher and its colleagues on the Mighty small group.

In Stravinsky's executed in 1907 the First symphony, it is easy to notice traces of influence of a monumental manner of the letter of Glazunov. So has begun "Ёрээшщ" Stravinsky.

Already in following product - a vocal cycle "Иртэ and ярё=ѕ°ър" on Pushkin's verses - Stravinsky "ю=тхфры forbidden яыюф" what then the thin, water colour soundings going from Debussy seemed. And in followed for "Иртэюь and ярё=ѕ°ъющ" the Fantastic scherzo the impressionistic manner of treatment of a sound palette obviously affected. No less than in other symphonic poem "ИхщхЁтхЁъ" which name associates with visual impressions.

It is necessary to remind that Russian school, and Especially Roman-korsakov, Musorgsky and Borodin, were for the French composers of the end of a XIX-th century "чхьыхщ юсх=ютрээющ" that, in particular, Debussy knew, studied Russian music and many its opening are connected with its influence. Therefore much, apprehended at Frenchmen, was to some extent is taken by Stravinsky "шч the second Ёѕъ".

It was shaken by death Roman-korsakova (1908) which it concerned with filial love. He has devoted to memory of the teacher the Mourning song for an orchestra. The destiny of this product is tragic. Executed only once, it has disappeared. Neither scores, nor orchestral parties till now it was not possible to find out.

Acquaintance to S.Dyagilev, the person who has devoted to business of propagation of Russian art became the Event which has defined the whole stage in a life of Stravinsky. Having headed magazine and a circle known under the name "¦шЁ шёъѕёё=т" Dyagilev considered that there is a discrepancy between value and value of Russian art culture of the end XIX - the XX-th century beginnings, on the one hand, and its popularity in the west - with another. Under its initiative will be organised in Paris "Ёѕёёъшх ёхчюэ№": symphonic, opera, ballet. Deeply appreciating Russian art culture from Rublyov's icons and before painting, theatre, music of the contemporaries, Dyagilev will organise exhibitions, collects magnificent opera and ballet collectives, acquaints Parisians and cosmopolitan public of theatres of Paris with Shalyapin, Ershov, Anna Pavlovoj's art, Karsavinoj, Nizhinsky. It "ю=ъЁ№трх=" Michael Fokina also submits public and the press put Fokinym in "-э чх ЂуюЁх" Half-Ovetsky dancings. Still above to lift prestige of Russian ballet, according to Dyagilev, ballet performance - bright and freakish is necessary, it is necessary to show, in other words, in Paris Russian ballet fairy tale. But not to show "-юэіър-+юЁсѕэър" with music of doubtful advantages, with a decayed choreography of semicentenial prescription. Fokin offers Ljadovu, whose scores "-юы°хсэюую ючхЁр" and "-шъшьюЁ№" have fascinated the refined fantasy, the developed libretto on a plot "грЁ-я=шч№" is thin;. Certainly, Ljadov would write and "грЁ-я=шчѕ" if not the invincible laziness exasperating its most part of a life. Ljadov has agreed and... Has brought. To time remains very little. Position has developed the desperate. Then Dyagilev has recollected Stravinsky. The risk was great. But in Stravinsky Dyagilev has believed.

On June, 25th, 1910 - an exact date started of an international recognition of Igor Stravinsky, premiere date "грЁ-я=шч№" on a scene Parisian the Grandee the Opera. Traditions "яючфэхую ршьёъюую" all score of ballet first-born Stravinsky is penetrated. And "-рЁхщ …хёёьхЁ=э№щ" and "Гюыю=ющ ях=ѕ°юъ" have an effect. And at the same time it already Stravinsky who has stunned with improbable beauty tembrovoj of a palette, blinded its amazing brightness.

Next year - "¤х=Ёѕ°ър". Stravinsky writes this ballet on Alexander Benua's libretto. Invisibly here there is also a Block from it "…рырурэёшъюь" with Pero - the brother of Parsley, with the cardboard bride reminding the Ballerina, the heroine of ballet in whom it is tragically enamoured Parsley and because of which and perishes from sabre blow krivonogogo Arapa.

For a year separating "¤х=Ёѕ°ъѕ" from "грЁ-я=шч№" the composer is released from a cover-cocoon holding down it. Here it already entirely Stravinsky. Here all is new: and ulichno-balagannyj "эшчьхээ№щ" folklore, and new, anybody to it not used receptions orkestrovki, and free polyphony in which basis a combination not only several melodic lines, but the whole layers including harmonious complexes, each of which is painted other tembralnoj by scale. In "¤х=Ёѕ°ъх" Stravinsky has started talking in musical language, literally unprecedented and at the same time clear to everyone thanking him ostroteatralnoj figurativeness, the national sources directly following from Russian musical life 30 - 10th years of a XIX-th century.

In Summer of 1913 in Paris has burst "уЁрэфшючэ№щ theatrical ёърэфры" as amicably wrote newspapers. Igor Stravinsky, an occasion to scandal - ballet "-хёэр ёт Ёхээр " was the originator; a carrying subtitle "-рЁ=шэ№ pagan рѕёш". Interest to the pre-Christian period of history of the slavic people has led to occurrence of cloths of N.Roerich, an opera "¦ырфр" Roman-korsakova, a ballet plan "+ыр and -юыышщ" Prokofiev. But any of the named products has not excited how "-хёэр ёт Ёхээр ". Stravinsky started with popevok, Russian most ancient samples Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus ceremonial songs and folk tunes, probably, going back to original "тхёэ эърь" sounding on coast of Dnepr, Are close, Berezina and at the time of the immemorial. We have data that in an estate of Ustilug on Volhynia Stravinsky wrote down ancient songs who knows how many generations handed down.

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