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George Gershwin / George Gershwin (1898-1937)

one of the most interesting heads of history of music of the United States of America is connected With George Gershwin's name.

The Son emigrated of Russia in 1890 Morisa Gershovitsa, George, was born in New York. His life most part Here has leaked. The musical life of the New York street was a unique nutrient medium of aesthetic impressions of children's years. The case has reduced it in school days with the presented boy - violinist Max Rozentsvejgom. "МьюЁхёър" Dvorak has bewitched the future author of the Blue rhapsody.

Its music education had character casual. At one teacher it has acquired initial skills of game on a piano, another has easily proved to it that its game is not beyond diletantizma. Employment by a composition at Edv. Kileni have supplied to young Gershwin the basic information in the field of harmony and the form. And it was - in transfer into modern concepts - within the first course of conservatory.

George Gershwin / George Gershwin Some more time during the life Gershwin did attempts to expand a circle of the theoretical knowledge and to deepen them. With that end in view he even tried to contact Ravel, Stravinsky, but further the cable correspondence which have given a rewarding material for reporters greedy for such sensations, business is not has gone.

Whence there was this amazing phenomenon - Gershwin?

The Musical history of the United States has developed very originally. Near to an English song, the Scottish ballad, intonations of a slavic melody in a life the juicy French couplet, Jewish sinagogalnyj a tune, the Hungarian czardas, guttural soundings of the Chinese music, sonorous blows of a tambourine in hands dancing tarantellu Italians sounded. But it is more and more often others the songs of Negroes unusual, still the kept communications with primitive art of Africa sounded.

The Big place in a musical life of the American cities and settlements was occupied with wind bands. In repertoire wandering, and it is frequent and "яыртѕёш§" theatres, as a rule, there were the musical comedies which are not applying on anything more, except entertainment of not so exacting public. But entrepreneurs watched that in each such comedy there was by all means one, an especially easily remembered song. In case of good luck it became "°ы ухЁюь" that is got popularity and consequently, carried out also advertising function. On bolshee nobody applied. These song smash hits - the phenomenon specific to the American musical life about 80-90 ХІХ centuries. It has remained and up to now. It is characteristic that prevailing musical tastes of the American society of that time have been connected with easy genres. Neither constant opera theatres, nor the developed symphonic culture, regular chamber concerts was not. All these "т№ёюъшх" Music layers had an effect only off and on.

Bright composer individualities have grown From this specific musical life some: Irvin Berlin (1888), Stephen Foster (1826-1864), Dzherom the Core (1885) - original masters of a song. And near to them there was an assembly of the laymans-imitators concordant even to pay extra to the publisher if only to see the name printed on a cover of musical leaves. Dwarfish musical publishing houses bred with that bolshej with activity that demand for them grew year from a year. In New York these publishing houses captured by a fever of competitive struggle, just did not press close a wall to a wall in one street - Type-sir to avenue. In musical shop, or as solemnly named it "¶шЁьхээюь ёрыюэх" the salesman has been obliged not only to sell notes, but also to play, sing, advertise sold production. Such, able to play and, if not to sing, then to sing, sellers were in the price. Them zyvali - "song-plugger".

Gershwin was 15 years old when it became such seller in "ёрыюэх" J. Remika. As it was modest occupied with the young man "яюё=" but it was already professional place in art. Moreover, any of teachers could not learn to its volume to that it, it is imperceptible for itself, studied, losing and singing vorohi notes, in passing noticing that it is pleasant to whom, in what a smash hit secret. Among infinite streams of semiamateurish paper for recycling as precious metal kernels in ore, sparkled songs of Berlin and the Core - composers, bogotvorimyh young Gershwin.

Experience collected every day. There is no doubt that Gershwin brought time and again the most settled improvisations on a paper. But it concerned them for the time being mistrustfully. Bent for to the music composition became invincible. As usually at beginners, has arisen two questions: whether it is good? And - whether my it? After long fluctuations Gsrshvin has addressed to the "°х¶ѕ" Irvinu to Berlin. By then (1916) Berlin was at the peak of the composer glory, in a heat of the "яЁюёяхЁш=ш" as the partner of a book-publishing firm. Gershwin blossomed under hailstones of compliments of the highly respected master. But highly respected and a word has not mentioned about edition possibility at least one of the songs shown to it. But the star ascending in the Broadway sky, a certain Sofia Guker, has concerned Gershwin's music with the big liking. In the summer of 1916 he has heard for the first time "ёхс " the song from a platform.

"-ё¦ night I did not close eyes. I become mentally ripe "Ї фхтѕ°ъющ" at least two hundred times, each time finding in it all new pearls. I have got tired mortally. At daybreak I have begun to hate this vile song, convinced in its pitch схчфрЁэюё=ш".

The Composer was 18 years old. It had the right to such sharp change of the estimations. Anyhow, but this beginning already of a way.

The Big role in streamlining and enrichment of its knowledge already mentioned Edv has played. Kileni, the Hungarian musician of wide erudition and pedagogical gift. Apparently, it was the first, specified to Gershwin on necessity of a true friendship with serious music.

Gershwin leaves a place "ьѕч№ърыіэюую ёхъЁх=рЁ " Berlin. It accepts Broadway open spaces. To get to number of those who acts, puts performances, writes music for theatres, teatrikov, the variety show, even for cafe on the Broadway - not so is simple. For Gershwin a way to "т№ёю=рь" the Broadway lay through Kharms's publishing house which head has believed in talent of the nineteen-year composer. Paying to Gershwin the small sum weekly, it has obliged him to give to firm, everything that that will write... The Solving word, certainly, for the publisher. In 1918 the first present success has come. A song "- it something хё=і" became a true smash hit. Within ten years (!) it was infinitely republished.

It would be seductive to write: "+эр resolutely differed from the majority of banal samples entertaining ьѕч№ъш". Alas, it would be the lie. If it than also differed, maybe, a little more refined harmony and taste level. Basically, it there was the same type a smash hit, as the others. It also involved listeners and buyers.

For Gershwin has begun "яѕ=і in the higher юсЁхё=тю". While it has overcome only its first step.

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