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Composers of the XX-th century

Sounds surrounded the person always. And, apparently, music too was present at this or that kind near to us at all times. And, depending on mankind intellectual development, musical compositions rather raznilis on the technician of execution, melody and melodiousness. And authors of pieces of music worked, considering tools available available, modern styles of sounding and requirement of an audience.

And if the initial variant of the musical composition which have appeared at the beginning of human existence, assumed rhythmical postukivanie feet, rocking by hips and potrjahivanie brushes of hands then requirements began to increase. There were in due course the certain variations developing of a variety of musical instruments, skill of composers and executors.

On primary musical instruments, prachelovek has learnt to play in a paleolith. It were shock. At first – palms of both hands, with which "т№ё=ѕяр¦Ёшщ" threshed on a floor of a cave at the moment of ceremony to give to it to more importance in the opinion of fellow tribesmen. Then it became a pity to a palm, them have replaced with less necessary subjects. Made plain "чтѕъютюх ёюяЁютюцфхэшх" the important breeding actions from a bone and a tree, simply releasing them from superfluous details. Then technologies have changed, in hands of the first musicians have appeared cut bone "ярыюёъш" publishing a gnash tooth, the sheaves of skulls ominously clanking during funeral processions.

There was time, and the person its consciousness changed, transformed. It learnt surrounding reality, together with it its perception of the world changed, requirements grew and were modified together with it. Aesthetically developed individual needed to diversify pleasure. Was necessary to charm sight and hearing any more only during farewell with died or priestly prophecies. Special music underneath Was required, creation certain "¶юэр" was required; for creation and maintenance of kind mood in other, not festively-mourning days.

The Twentieth century, a century of shocks, wars and revolutions has forced many art workers, artists, writers and composers radically to reconsider own sights both at the world, and at creativity. Decadence of cultural traditions of the end of the nineteenth century was evidently reflected in the beginning of next century. At this time one aspire to classical displays in creativity, others gravitate to the aggressive beginning, to destruction old which absolutely not necessarily leads more often to growth something fresh, new or oddly influencing consciousness. In music it was showed in cacophony of difficultly perceived sounds incomprehensibly connected among themselves. Admirers of a genre it has appeared a little. Listeners continued to show constant interest only to classics, lyrical and a folk music. And interosculation of various art forms has led to enrichment of musical traditions. However the special contribution to development of musical art was brought by occurrence and cinema development.

In the world all is so interconnected that any change of a direction of a science or culture is reflected in any areas of culture and art. So has occurred, when the cinema has rushed into our life.

If the first, black-and-white and silent movies the ballroom pianist sitting near to a scene in an orchestra pit sounded, breaking fingers and keys on an old grand piano today the soundtrack has for popularisation, perhaps, not smaller value, than notorious special effects. Good music means popularity of a film. And in the middle of the last century and till 70-80 years music so has strongly entered into a body of a film that special value have got so-called "ьѕч№ърыіэ№х" pictures support for which composed talented composers. So there was a whole layer of composer activity. By the way, this kind of absolutely new art those days not only has helped to spread pieces of music of classics and contemporaries, but also promoted occurrence of absolutely impossible direction without it – film music.

In the twentieth century there were the composers constantly co-operating with directors of films. And if we periodically recollect the classics who have written world famous products, (we will tell about composers-classics of the twentieth century on site pages) about film music nezasluzhenno we forget. Not owing to special callousness or an emotional impoverishment. Simply too have got used to film works, as to the worn out cosy and warm slippers standing in cold winter evenings. Something like "ЂЁюэшш destinies or With a lung ярЁюь" without which any meeting of New Year does not manage. And, on all channels simultaneously. Now we will recollect the most known composers of 20th century composing music to films.

By the way, music underneath to eternally, apparently, living "ЂЁюэшш" appeared on "уюыѕс№§ ІъЁрэр§" the Soviet TVs in the far seventieth last century, has written Mikael Leonovich Tariverdiev. The nature has allocated the composer with remarkable talents which it, appear, even hesitated a little. And it was heard in its voice – a quiet and soft baritone. The maestro was the sportsman, took a great interest in a photo, and has created more than 130 film masterpieces. Besides entered into houses of Russians together with Alla Pugachevoj's voice ("¦эх эЁртш=ё " "¤ю to street ьюхщ" "Л чхЁърыр") and Nikitin ("‡ёыш at you is not present фюьр"), and others "шЁюэшёэ№§" songs and melodies, Tariverdiev has written music to so cult serial "Рхьэрфчр=і instants тхёэ№" to a film а"Р=рЁюьюфэр  ъюьхфш " ("+Ё=шё=ър чшЁър"), "Охыютхъ follows ёюыэчхь".

Unique melody of lyrical products of Tariverdiev involved in it set of listeners. Films over which the composer worked, always had tremendous success. To no small degree that was promoted by fine music. And, in spite of the fact that compositions of the maestro have appeared in first half of last century, they all as are well-known till now. Joseph Kobzon ("17 тхёэ№" became instants one of the first executors of songs of Tariverdiev;). Tariverdievsky melodies are till this day included in indispensable repertoire of the singer.

Except music to films of Mikael Leonovich has written a large quantity of chamber vocal cycles, romances, violin concerts and organnyh products.

Simultaneously with the glorified author of musical film best sellers of veins Evgenie Doga also created. He was born in the thirties in Soviet Union. Evgenie Dmitrievich Doga – the author so versatile and unique. Still the child it has been fascinated by beauty of sounding of an orchestra of a folk music, and then the symphonic orchestra which by miracle has called in in native village of the boy Is wet Rybnitsky area of Moldova. Eugene together with other children secretly approached to huge "ёъЁшяърь" – to the violoncellos located out of a rural scene, appeared too small for all musical collective. It seemed to it, these tools so are magnificent that cannot exist here, in this simple human world. After a while he has got in "фЁѕующ" music world.

At first Evgenie Doga has finished conservatory on a violoncello class then so has taken a great interest in a composition that has studied in conservatory as early as five years, deeply studying a subject new to it. Evgenie Doga dreamt to combine in music, appear, the incompatible: interest of huge number of listeners to music serious and zhanrovo the various. However, it managed to embody the "ѕ=юяш¦" in a life: his compositions collected enormous audiences.

Popularity has come to the composer after cooperation with director E.Lotjanu in films "КрсюЁ leaves in эхсю" "¦ющ tender and gentle чтхЁі" "+ээр ¤ртыютр". Then there were other film works, in particular: "+фшэюъшь it is given юсЁхцш=шх" "КрэчяыюЁрфър" "-рчшэю" "+юёяюфр рЁ=шё=№" "-р Murom фюЁюцъх" "ОхЁэ№щ ышё=" "…ѕыітрЁэ№щ Ёюьрэ" "+Ёх°э№х apostles ы¦стш" "ОхЁэр  тѕрыі" "Ђёъѕ°хэшх". Besides E.Doga's film works has written music to performances, the symphony, ballets "Luciafarul" and "VenanciУ" five string quartets, cantatas "…хыр  Ёрфѕур" "-хёэр ёхыютхёхё=тр" "Охыютхёхёъшщ уюыюё" "РхЁфчх тхър" requiems, the symphonic overtures, nine choruses and capella on E.Bukova's verses, two choruses and capella and eight romances on M.Eminesku's verses, three writing-books "¤хёэш and Ёюьрэё№" on verses of poets of a silver age, and also the play for a violin, violoncellos, flutes, an accordion, a piano.

One more composer from "ёютх=ёъюую the period of musical history of our country, the brought invaluable contribution to film music development – Andrey Petrov. We remember this author on its products created specially for known Soviet films: "Ї I walk on ¦юёътх" "Охыютхъ-рь¶шсш " "+ the poor hussar say ёыютю" "Рыѕцхсэ№щ Ёюьрэ" "…хЁхушёі рт=юьюсшы " "гхё=юъшщ Ёюьрэё" "-хсхёр юсх=ютрээ№х" - all about seventy film works. The maestro has got the world popularity thanks to the ballet "Рю=тюЁхэшх ьшЁр" (1966), got to the Guinness Book of Records – it for short term has broken all records on gathering. Andrey Petrov – the author of symphonic products, operas and ballets, including "¦рё=хЁ and ¦рЁурЁш=р" (1987).

The Son of the Soviet composer, Maxim Dunaevsky more all is known to Russians on music to films "- for 'Artanjan and three ьѕ°ъх=хЁр" "¦ІЁш Poppins, to ётшфрэш !" "-рЁэртры" "+§, a vaudeville, тюфхтшыі" "КЁхё=, which ыюяэѕы" "Гхыхэ№щ ¶ѕЁуюэ" "¤юфчхьхыіх тхфіь" "рхсхэюъ to эю сЁ¦" "р№чрЁёъшщ Ёюьрэ".

One more most talented composer – Pavel Aedonitsky who has created more of 200 songs where special author's style with use of a profound knowledge of folklore, ancient Russian melodiousness is traced. The composer wrote music to performances and films ("-ё=Ёхёр on Ёрёётх=х" "¤юёыхфэшх ърэшъѕы№" other works).

The Ingenious French composer of 20th century, the arranger and conductor Paul Mauriat, despite huge popularity, nevertheless has got for the first time the world love thanks to the author's processings of music from films where each sound is perfected and verified inhuman melodikoj the maestro. In Russia it is favourite, first of all, thanks to the melodies accompanying in a Soviet period weather forecast and the program "- to a mine цштю=э№§" – "¦рэёхё=хЁ and -штхЁяѕыі" and "гртюЁюэюъ". Paul Mauriat was so popular in our country that in each family there were its plates. It has arranged compositions and wrote music practically for all well-known French executors.

In more details about known composers of the last century it is told on pages of our site.